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How to Bet on Rugby

Today betting is one of the most popular gambling entertainment in the world. The most popular are bets on popular sports, each country has its own leader, in the UK it is rugby. This sport is considered traditionally English and has a rather long and fascinating history. It is not surprising that it is rugby that has become one of the leading sports disciplines in betting and has attracted close attention of fans.

Rugby Betting and Rugby Betting Sites

Rugby is a very dynamic and quite a tough sport, which is present clashes and conflicts on the field of play, which certainly attracts a huge audience. It is a game only for hardy and brave players, because not everyone can withstand such a confrontation. The game features an oval-shaped ball, which players can pass to each other using their hands and feet. The main goal is the opponent’s goal.

Of course, spectators and fans are more attracted to the process than to the result, because in this game it is simply impossible to say for sure which team will win. The fact that the rules allow for brutal physical confrontation makes the game unpredictable, because you never know which player will be stronger and more resilient.

Today rugby betting has become very popular, as this sport is ideal for trying your luck. First of all, bettors are attracted by unpredictability, because the game is so dynamic that at any moment its course can change dramatically. Many bookmakers offer their customers to make rugby bets on favorable terms.

In order to make a successful bet, bettors need to concentrate on the course of the game, learn the history of each team performance, read more about the composition of the participants and take into account factors such as weather, the moral and psychological state of the players, their injuries, etc. For betting on the Internet there are a huge number of rugby betting sites that offer a variety of conditions of cooperation and the opportunity to win real money by thinking through a successful strategy and making a winning bet. As a rule, these are very popular and promoted bookmakers who have reached a whole new level and are ready to improve their services. 

Tournament and season bets

There are tournament and season bets in the game of rugby, which are quite frequent, because here it is much easier to win, as the result can be more predictable and well predicted even in the early stages. There are certain rugby betting tips that help determine the team that will be the winner of the season or tournament.

It is these bets that are more general, meaning that here the bettor’s chances are quite high, because, for example, in player betting, it is already very difficult to make predictions, as many more factors will be involved in this process.

Betting on tournaments and leagues is a great opportunity to bet on the winner of the tournament, which can be used as an experienced bettor, and beginners. First of all, it is important to understand that betting on the winner of the tournament involves careful observation of the teams and analysis of their results.

As for betting on the league, you also need to be extremely careful and be able to predict every move. During the season, the results of the teams may change, the odds will not always be stable, so it is recommended to make rugby bets depending on which team has the best result for some time.

 Individual player betting


Player bets are considered one of the riskiest, but incredibly attractive to fans of the game. Determining the more successful player is indeed very difficult, because there are only 15 people on the team. The most frequent category of players on which bets are placed are the backs. They are the ones who show excellent results in the game. There are also strong bets, the essence of which is that the bettor chooses the player who will score the highest number of points. Because rugby is a fairly traumatic game, where teams can use physical force to achieve victory, there is a possibility of receiving a yellow card or withdrawal from the game. You can bet on the player who gets the card first or is ejected from the game. This is really extremely difficult to predict, so if such a bet turns out to be a winning one, it can be considered great luck.

Rugby Union Betting and Its Types

Today, rugby union bets are considered one of the classic bets on the sport, because rugby union can be considered the initial version of the game.  Bets on this game are very popular all over the world, including in the UK. The best rugby betting sites include William Hill, Ladbrokes, 888sport, Paddy Power and others. These bookmakers have the most experience in rugby betting and show the highest results.  Their predictions for rugby union betting are highly accurate in different types of bets, so they are the preferred ones for those who want to try their hand at rugby union bets. Their predictions for rugby union betting are highly accurate in different types of bets, so they are the preferred ones for those who want to try their hand at rugby union bets.

Head to Head

This is one of the most primitive types of bets, so if you want to bet on rugby union, then this is one of the best options. In other words, it is a bet on the winner of the match, usually this includes extra time as well as dead heat . This is the most common type of bet, but nevertheless, it requires maximum concentration of the bettor and studying all the chances and peculiarities of the teams.

Double Result

Conventionally speaking, with this type of betting the result is divided in half. For example, Win/Win, Win/Draw, Win/Loss, Draw/Win, Draw/Draw, Draw/Loss, Loss/Win, Loss/Draw, Loss/Loss. For this rugby union bet to be successful, it is necessary to correctly specify the results of both halves, which is extremely difficult not only in fact, but also in the process of predicting, because in this case, the bettor will have to take into account many more factors.

Winning Margin

This is one of the most difficult types of bets on any rugby betting site, its essence is to predict the number of points that will be divided between the two teams in the final game. This is difficult to predict, which is why inexperienced people do not take this bet.

Line Betting

This type of betting is often used by bookmakers to reduce the gap between the results of the teams. If one of them significantly excels, the bookmaker intentionally limits the leading team, and bettors have to bet on whether the weaker team can win or whether the first team will win. It is these types of bets most often offered by rugby betting sites, but there are other options. In general, we see that rugby is a very unique and peculiar game that allows you to bet on different results.

Rugby Live Betting

Rugby Live Betting

Betting in real time is a great opportunity to feel the whole course of the game and fully enjoy its process. It is the real observation of the match that allows you to analyze the bets and determine which of them will be winning. Today rugby live betting is very popular and many bookmakers offer their customers the opportunity to bet in real time. Modern betting sites have excellent platforms for betting. Bookmakers are constantly improving live rugby betting and making it more accessible to a larger audience.

Special Rugby Rugby Betting Site Bonuses

In general, in rugby bonus offers are not provided in such quantity as in betting on other sports, but the more they are valuable. In rugby union bets, for example, there are certain periods when bonuses are much more common. Six Nations tournament offers quite good seasonal bonus options. The well-known Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is very good not only in betting on rugby union, but also in the availability of welcome bonuses as well as many successful rugby deals.

Rugby Union Betting Strategies

In fact, there is no single successful strategy for making winning rugby bets. Many rugby betting sites offer some options for how you can increase your chances, however the only and most reliable way is to have perfect knowledge of the rules of the game. There are a lot of nuances in rugby, so experienced bettors carefully study all the features in order to then apply this knowledge when making rugby union bets. Since rugby is a team game, for maximum betting results you need to be able to analyze the results of the players and the history of their victories and defeats. There are also rugby betting tips that help bettors better develop their own strategies and listen to them at the right time. In order to make the most accurate forecast, it is necessary to study the statistics of the entire team and all its players in particular. This will help you identify strengths and weaknesses and choose the right type of bet. Also, the style of play has a great influence, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with it in advance. In addition, injuries can affect the result of a team or an individual player, so carefully study this aspect before making a rugby bet.

Rugby Betting Rules

Rugby betting rules may differ depending on which bookmaker you use. All rugby sites have individual characteristics, so the rules may depend not only on the bookmaker itself, but also on the country in which it is located. There are also a number of rules for live rugby betting and more. Experienced bookmakers understand the importance of having a strict order when accepting bets.

Match Bets

If the game lasts more than the planned 80 minutes, then all rugby bets that were made in the process will not be canceled, they will be included in the further process of the game, this is a good guarantee for bettors that their bets have a chance to become winning.

Abandoned/Postponed Games

It so happens that the game ends after it starts. In this case, all bets that were made before the game ended remain in force, that is, the bettor does not lose his money. If the game was postponed, then the rates are also carried over, and if the game did not take place, then they will be refunded.

First/Last Try Scorer

Sometimes it happens that a player cannot enter the field. In this case, the rates will be refunded. If the player enters after the first try, then only the last bet remains, and the first one is canceled.

Man of the Match

Sometimes in rugby it happens that at the end of the game the website does not display information about who became the man of the match. If the official announcement does not appear on the bookmaker’s website, then all bets must be refunded.

Major Tournaments

Today rugby union bets are very popular, therefore the development of rugby union betting is completely justified and the emergence of new bookmakers confirms that this sport is very popular and interesting to the public. There are some of the largest rugby tournaments that have riveted the attention of the public and especially those wishing to place bets.

Six Nations

This tournament began its activity in 1883, but over time it changed its concept and finally stopped being defined in 2002. It is held every year, with countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy and France participating in the tournament. The basic rule of the tournament is that each team can play each other only once. During the tournament, teams can receive different awards, the most coveted is the Grand Slam, it is not easy to get it, because for this the team needs to win five matches. As for the Triple Crown, only England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which were originally participants in the tournament, are competing for it. At the moment, it is England that is the leading country with the most victories.

Rugby World Cup

This tournament is held every four years, usually in the fall. The traditional trophy is the Web Ellis Cup, which has been awarded to the winner for over 30 years. This tournament is very interesting in terms of its organization, because it is held in groups, the best teams eventually reach the final and compete for the main prize. This is a relatively young championship, but it has already won the hearts of many rugby fans.

Rugby World Cup

Super League

This is one of the largest and most famous tournaments in Europe. The league has 12 teams, mostly English players and one French team. The time of the game is from February to July. Each of the teams plays each other twice, and in the final they start playing in the Super 8 stage, where the teams are gradually eliminated from the game. The strongest teams go to the Grand final, where the winner of the entire league of the season will be determined.

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