Best Betting Sites UK 2021: Online Bookmakers Ranked

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Betting is a favourite past-time for gamblers all over the world. Whilst it does not provide the enjoyment of casino games, the real excitement comes from watching someone else play games. In other words, tuning into your favourite sports and placing bets. Seeing if the gamble you make comes through in a stunning twist of events. It is all about making the right choice and being rewarded for when your choice comes through. Online betting sites are where you want to be, but choosing which betting site can be the main issue.  

In the UK, there are hundreds of online betting sites that can make this choice difficult. All of them are designed around placing bets and seeing if you win. Some of them offer sports you may like while at the same time offering sports you don’t. They may also have great opportunities but not a lot of choices. Many factors come into play, which is why customers need to know everything there is. The best online betting website review is designed to explain in full detail this information. All so that you can make the right choice for you in choosing the best UK betting sites. 

How Do We Select the Best Betting Sites UK?

As mentioned earlier, there are a few factors that go into these sites. Factors that some people may not have even thought about. If you are new to gambling in general, then it would make sense for Bettings sites to be confusing. There is so much terminology and speech to learn that you may not understand what is happening. Even worse, you could find yourself ending up on the wrong site. You could end up losing money rather than gaining it. Here are the major aspects to know:

Sign-up bonus and free bets

Some betting books will come with a sign-up bonus. This is also recognized as a “welcome bonus/package” in some new bet sites or online casinos. This is a reward given to you for creating an account with the bet website and placing your first deposit. Some of them can give you free bets, or even boosts to your first wins. It is a major advertisement used for the best gambling sites. It is what attracts people to online gambling, to begin with, as it can be incredibly advantageous at the beginning of your journey.  

Sign-up process

If you want to start betting, then you’re first going to need to create an account. The sign-up process can be incredibly easy or annoyingly tedious, depending on where you’re at. This can sometimes be the make-or-break point of a beginner. If the sign-up process is not fast and easy, a customer may lose the incentive to play in the first place. Most online betting sites UK will have a fast sign-up process. It can be as easy as filling in a username, password, and email address. Nothing further is needed until you have to set up a payment method. Only then will the financial details need to be filled in. 

Mobile betting and desktop experience

Mobile gambling has become more commonplace in the modern world. New UK betting sites are no different. You can download a mobile version of a UK betting site as an app. The link to the app can be found on the desktop as well. A good mobile version is perfect for players who wish to bet on the move or don’t have access to a regular desktop. While the desktop version has a more complete experience, find a bet site that has almost everything on offer with the mobile version too. 

Sports markets

Finding the best sport to bet on is important. Checking the site to see what sports they have will be a major selling point. After all, betting is just one part of what makes it enjoyable. Watching your favourite sports is the important second half to the enjoyment. If you can’t bet on your favourite sports, then you will be interested in this particular establishment. Luckily, most bet sites UK will let you check their sports markets without even needing to create an account. 

Loyalty promotions and rewards

Once you are all signed up and have placed a few bets, it may get boring after a while. If this is all there is to it then you may go somewhere else. You need something that makes staying longer worthwhile. Something like a loyalty program, which awards players for continued dedication. A loyalty promotion can offer benefits that other customers won’t have access to. If you join internet betting sites with cash out, you could gain even more rewards from just playing. You may be able to check out special deals that will only be available for a limited time. 


You must also make sure that this list of bookmakers supports your preferred payment methods. There is a multitude of ways to offer money in online gambling. Most of the sites offer only a few and some others. Different methods of payment will have unique aspects to them. Some use electronic wallets while others use a form of cryptocurrency. It would be a shame to sign up for a betting site with no way to deposit or withdraw money. Banking options can always be checked without having to create an account. There is no problem with opening up a new banking option just for a betting site.

Online bookmaker security

Your safety and your security matter the most when it comes to gambling. While this can be entertaining, you must make sure you are protected at all times. Many betting sites will include information on their security. You can see for yourself how they are protected by looking at the gambling license. This will put into perspective that they are constantly being monitored. It is an assurance that all gambling laws are being followed from these bets websites. The link to the license will be included so that you can know everything this entails.

The Best Odds of Finding New Betting Sites

If you want to make the correct choice, it is through these factors mentioned above that you can make an informed decision. Knowledge is the key to helping you optimize your experience to what is the best online betting sites for you. The internet can be a very large place, with hundreds of betting websites UK to choose from. However, there is a way for you to whittle down these choices to a select few recommended. This will help relinquish the burden of sorting out through these hundreds of sites and be offered a select few that are tailored to your needs. Here is how you can do it:

Finding the Optimal Gambling Experience

This can be done through multiple methods. Optimization can be done through the methods mentioned earlier. Look at the sites to find your preferences. Once done so, you can filter through sites from online betting sites reviews to find the ones that contain what you are looking for. For example, if you prefer bet sites with live betting, then make sure to add that to your search engine. That way, results with this particular feature will only appear on the pages. 

Betting on your Favourite Sports

Like with the previous options, make sure to figure out what sports you particularly like. This can be from which one is your favourite to watch or which one is your favourite to bet on. It can be both of these things, so long as it is your preference. This can once again be added to the filter. Not every site is going to have every sport out there. Especially if it is rarer sports to bet on such as Esports, or even political elections. Go through the UK bookmakers list and find those specific requirements. 

Zeroing in on Rewarding Bonuses & Promotions

Promotions and bonuses will always be at the forefront of a betting site. It will be their main method of advertising, giving players more reason to come and sign-up. These will be the easiest things to find when it comes to helping you with your recommendations. You may find an easy sign-up bonus that grants a big welcome reward. You could find a long-term bonus that can help you for many months of gambling. Once again, find a bet site that has a bonus suited to your needs.

Playing Your Way

Despite variations being rather rare, there are numerous ways for you to bet on sites like these. It doesn’t just have to be betting on a team to win and then waiting for a result. There are many ways that you can gamble, which different websites offer different methods. You might be able to bet on multiple matches at the same time. Others can let you gamble on a specific action taken by a player. If a site lets you play your own way, then it is perfect for those that wish for more control. Take this into account when looking through your choices. 

Putting Down Money Without Worry

Safety was discussed earlier, but should also be taken into consideration when filtering choices. Due to a large number of laws and security providers out there, these sites can have a lot of forms of protection. Some of these laws can even affect how you play entirely. For example, Australian gambling law now forbids the use of sign-up bonuses until further notice. Gambling in the UK has its uses. Some sports may not be available to live stream due to copyright. Security will be affected by the gambling license they hold. Always check and think about how this will affect you.  

Your Money – Your Choice

At the end of the day, how you spend your money is up to you. If you want to see how you will be spending your money, then take a look at the ways you can bet. See how much they ask for when it comes to bigger plays. Check the minimum deposit as well to see if it is reasonable to spend. The minimum bet also should be taken into consideration. Your spending limit can be a major factor in deciding on your choice.

New UK Betting Sites – 6 Things to Consider

It isn’t just the fact that hundreds of sites already exist.  New betting sites UK are constantly appearing every year. This can make the decision process more difficult. Normally, you can go through the British bookmakers list to see if these new UK online bookmakers match up with your needs. However, there are six things you can do to help choose between the old and the new. These can help you see if the gold standard is met with all the new ones propping up. Will the new betting site be worth it, or are the old reliable ones more comfortable?

Trustworthy Best Bookmakers

Trust is always an essential element in a UK betting site list. It is the key figure of getting new customers to begin with. You have to be willing to trust this establishment with your money and reward you when you have rightfully won. Therefore, checking the gambling licenses and the security can help increase that trust. Listening to reviews from a professional gambler to see if this site is up to standard. Although there is nothing wrong with forming your own opinions, the general consensus can be a real first impression. 

Reliable Betting Sites

It was mentioned before that people often come across this similar choice. Shall you take a risk with something new or go back to what is comfortable. This can apply to many things instead of gambling. Nevertheless, in this instance, should you choose to bet somewhere else because it is new? The answer is entirely up to you. There is nothing wrong with sticking to what you know, but there might be something you could miss out on. You can always go back to the old betting site online if needed.

Low-Risk Online Betting Sites

It is highly suggested for beginner gamblers stick to low-risk betting. Having the minimal amount of risk means losing the minimal amount in the best online bookies. Beginners may not understand the more complicated bets, so it is wise to stick to something simple and easy. If the site bet offers low risks, then it is perfect for that skill level. Even veterans may return to low risks if they need to save up money. The more you learn, the higher your bet can be. 

Reputable Betting Websites

As stated earlier, the opinions of others can still be a valid selling point. After all, those that have a good reputation are bound to be more trustworthy. Make sure that you listen to your peers, especially if they have been in this game longer than you. They are bound to have a history with bad betting sites, so they can point you towards the good ones. One with a good reputation may not be the best online betting site. However, if you’re comfortable settling for something others enjoyed, then you can take what they say for real value. 

Betting Companies with Player Friendly Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are the fine print for any form of service. It is these small words that contain important info on what is and isn’t allowed. This is what customers should refer to if they feel like they have been wronged in any way by a company. If a gambling establishment makes the terms and conditions easy to read, they are making them accessible to anyone who needs them. It can be a real chore to get through them sometimes just to feel safe. This does not diminish their importance and should be read up on at all times.

What Do You Want from Your New Betting Site?

If you hear any news about certain betting online sites about to be released, then think about what it is you want. You may be able to offer feedback so that they include what you have suggested. Whatever you may be looking for, a more tailored experience could be available to you. Just always be sure about what you are looking for so that you do not end up disappointed. It can make it easier to refer to what you do like and be able to find what you are looking for instantly. 

Help with Opening a New Online Bookmaker Account

For those that are starting, the first step can be the hardest. Signing up and creating your account may seem scary to those who are unfamiliar with the process. Considering you have taken everything mentioned in this post into consideration, then you should have nothing to be scared of. You have made an informed decision and are about to venture into the world of online betting. Simply give them your email address or phone number, username, and password. Your account has been made and you registered as an official customer.  

Making a Deposit with Online Bookmakers

After you have made your account, the banking methods are next. To make a deposit or a withdrawal, you must now upload your financial details. Select from the range of banking options the site has. Choose a method that you are most familiar with. Once done, upload the details of that method so the transaction takes place. When completed, the money will be deposited into your bet account. This money can now be used on bets. When you win money, this will also go into your account. Then you can use another banking method to withdraw the winnings into your real account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best online betting site UK?

The top betting sites online in the UK are 888sport, Betway, Betfair, and Mr Play.

Is Football Betting legal?

Online betting for most sports is completely legal. Many of the brands have some of the largest online sportsbooks in the world. A soccer bet site is no different

How old do you have to be to bet on sports?

The legal betting age in the UK is 18, as part of the Gambling Act 2005. 

Are betting sites trustworthy?

So long as the best sportsbooks are backed up by an official gambling license, it is noted to be trustworthy. Other facts in sites for betting can also help like the information of peer

Which betting sites give you free bets?

Sites like Betway, Melbet, and Bet365 offer free bets as part of their welcome bonus/sign-up package.

How long does it take to open a new betting account?

For most betting sites, it will only take five minutes of your time. The account is made practically instantly. These may offer as a free betting website before an account is made. 

What information do I need to open an online bookmaker account?

Completing a registration form requires just a few simple details. The contact information like an email address or mobile number. Next will be a username and password so you can log in afterward. 

What deposit methods are available with online bookmakers?

Deposit methods will range from credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, pre-paid cards, and more. Brand examples include Visa, Skrill, PayPal, and Bitcoin.